Proposed PeopleSoft Test Framework Enhancements Coming in PeopleTools 8.52

Proposed PeopleSoft Test Framework Enhancements Coming in PeopleTools 8.52

PeopleTools 8.51 introduced the PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF), a feature that allows for the automated testing of a PeopleSoft application.  PTF also is powerful in that in can help developers understand the impact of how a change will impact the application before it moves into production.

In the upcoming PeopleTools 8.52 release (discussed here previously), there’s even more coming for PTF.  Scott Schafer from The PeopleSoft Technology Blog explains:

The proposed 8.52 enhancements will help users implement PTF much quicker and easier by shortening the time needed to create new test cases or edit existing ones. Tool bar enhancements help optimize the test case development process by easing the way users set variables, add documentation, add screen shots and start/stop the test case recording sessions. Test case developers are also given the ability to export test cases to flat files, so that large volumes of test data can be edited quickly and easily before importing the data back into the database for playback purposes.

To learn more about the new features of the PTF and the 8.52 release of PeopleTools, please review the Release Value Proposition (RVP doc id = 1327656.1) document located on My Oracle Support.

PeopleTools 8.52 is shaping up to be quite a robust release.  If you have any questions about it, or even if you are behind on your PeopleTools version and want to understand what upgrading will get you, please email us.  We’re always happy to chat.


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