New PeopleSoft Features Update

Did you know there were 37 new features and functionality delivered in HCM Images 34 & 35 and 69 new features released in FSCM images 36 & 37?



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MIPRO MPower Process

Strategy + Planning

Assess business strategy, critical processes and technology needs to define project objectives and scope.

Definition + Design

Conduct fit/gap workshop and analysis to define technical and functional impact along with PeopleSoft security requirements.


Develop customizations, interfaces, reports, training materials and test plans and scripts.

Test + Deploy

Perform testing: system, integration, performance and user acceptance to finalize production environment and execute final move.

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COVID-19 Challenge Solved with PeopleSoft Functionality – A Customer Story

Recently, a MIPRO healthcare customer faced the COVID-19 related challenge of having to manually process an increasing number of one-time refunds. The volume of these types of refunds led to a desire for an automated solution. The hospital system had encountered two obstacles. First, no Excel to Component Interface process existed to address this type of
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Inventory Specialist Configuration

In this blog, we will demonstrate how to configure PeopleSoft to improve an Inventory Specialist’s user experience. The job of an Inventory Specialist is to manage inventory, including locations, counts and movement. The navigation of the Inventory menu can be quite extensive. If only three or four menu navigation items are required, controlled access through
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Asset Life Expectancy

New in Image 37 of PeopleBooks is enhanced Asset and Maintenance Management. Users can now track the physical life of an asset and determine the life expectancy of equipment. Users can define the end of life reasons with an effective date. This information can now be used to: understand the end of life of an
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Workforce Insight

There are many analytics available in PeopleSoft HR regarding the composition of the employee base. On the Workforce Administrator site, the Workforce Insight tile will provide the analytics dashboard. We previously blogged about Workforce Composition and Kibana Analytics. Another delivered Kibana Analytic is the Workforce Diversity Analytic.  It provides information regarding: Employees by Ethnic Group Employees
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Workforce Composition Using Kibana Analytics

In HCM PUM Image 35, Oracle delivered the Workforce Composition dashboard created using Kibana Analytics. The Workforce Composition dashboard enables you to view visualizations in Kibana based on the Person index in Elasticsearch. You can find the link to the dashboard through the Workforce Administrator homepage. On the Kibana Dashboard, we can see: Employees by
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Query Data Masking

New in PeopleTools 8.58 is the ability to mask data within queries. Since BI Publisher reports and pivot grids are driven from queries, this masking capability also extends to those functions. First, your organization must identify who can and cannot see sensitive data. Delivered in the demo environment, we’ll look at the PS administrator and
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Something Old, Something New

Something Old: I recently had a client whose team was struggling to complete many individual PM Work Orders as their system kept timing out. Since they had implemented a customization to replace the Mass Update function, I re-introduced them to Preventive Maintenance Loop Schedule functionality. It seemed like the perfect solution. Although they were aware
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New PUM Features: September 2020

PeopleSoft New Features Update Did you know there were 37 new features and functionality delivered in HCM Images 34 and 35 and 69 new features released in FSCM images 36 and 37?  To view a complete list of the key features delivered, the module, the image delivered and the minimum PeopleTools version click on the links listed below.
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