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PeopleTools 8.60 Released

PeopleTools 8.60 was released on OCI on October 14, 2022.  You can read Oracle’s announcement on the PeopleSoft blog and get the details here. The blog provides many links to everything for Tools 8.60 information.  In Oracle’s own words, “Yet again, we deliver a PeopleTools release packed with features that enable you to add more
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PeopleSoft FSCM PUM Updates 43-45: FSCM Kibana Analytics

Delivered with PeopleSoft FSCM PUM Updates 43-45 are new analytics, both Kibana and PeopleSoft Dashboard/Pagelets.  Here is a summary of those analytics. Billing:  Enhanced Billing Revenue analytics using Kibana dashboards – two new dashboards are added. The Billing Operations dashboard helps to analyze the number of invoices processed, and the Billing Analysis dashboard helps to
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PeopleSoft HCM PUM Updates 42-44: HCM Kibana Analytics

Delivered with PeopleSoft HCM PUM updates 42-44 are new analytics, both Kibana and PeopleSoft Dashboard/Pagelets so here is a summary of those analytics. U.S. Payroll Trends:  Delivered the U.S. Payroll Trends Analytics Dashboard. The U.S. Payroll Trends Analytics Dashboard enables you to view analytics visualizations for payroll based on U.S. payroll data indexes. Dashboard 1
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PeopleSoft Test Framework Drivers

For those of you utilizing PeopleSoft Test Framework, a nice announcement via blog was made a few weeks ago in December. While the blog provides all the details required to explain how to update drivers, the primary good news message is that drivers can now be updated, reducing the impact of needing to keep your
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Accounting Flexibility with PeopleSoft Lease Administration – Part II

Welcome back to my latest blog – “Accounting Flexibility with PeopleSoft Lease Administration – Part II”. Just a reminder, in this blog we are covering the more complex lease transactions and a brief discussion on the accounting entries needed to support these transactions.  Accordingly, this blog is discussing more advanced topics rather than discussing straightforward
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Accounting Flexibility with PeopleSoft Lease Administration – Part I

Hello again – welcome to my latest Lease Administration Blog, “Accounting Flexibility with PeopleSoft Lease Administration Part I”. If your lease inventory contains only straightforward leases then you are all set to go with Lease Administration, but if your lease inventory requires additional flexibility, Lease Administration has you covered as well. Most leases are typically
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Pah rum pah pah pah PUM

Are you struggling with your PeopleSoft PUM update strategy? The lyrics to one of my favorite Christmas songs, The Little Drummer Boy include “Our finest gifts we bring pa-rum pum pum pum.” PeopleSoft’s PUM strategy is the gift that keeps on giving three times a year. As with all gift giving occasions there can be
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PeopleSoft HCM: Remote Worker

If you are not familiar with the newer PeopleSoft HCM Remote Worker functionality, we have a brief overview of some the key functionality/steps. First, the Remote Worker tile is on the Employee Self-Service homepage.  The employee completes a process to create a request for remote work that is sent for approval.  Remote Worker – 8
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