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Did you know that there were 85 new features and functionality delivered in HCM Images 29 and 30?



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MIPRO MPower Process

Strategy + Planning

Assess business strategy, critical processes and technology needs to define project objectives and scope.

Definition + Design

Conduct fit/gap workshop and analysis to define technical and functional impact along with PeopleSoft security requirements.


Develop customizations, interfaces, reports, training materials and test plans and scripts.

Test + Deploy

Perform testing: system, integration, performance and user acceptance to finalize production environment and execute final move.

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Related Actions

Related actions allow you to configure a page to provide additional actions on that page. For example, you can hyperlink to another relevant page, run a process, provide a query, etc. They also allow you to configure your PeopleSoft business process without customization. In this example, we will setup related actions on the PO Approval Cycle
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HCM Modules

We have published a number of blogs focusing on new features and functionality within HCM modules. However, organizations may not be aware of some HCM PeopleSoft modules that provide business value. We have consolidated the descriptions of these modules (from PeopleSoft datasheets) into one overview chart. If you are interested in whether HCM PeopleSoft Modules can
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Personalized Analytics, Thresholds, Notification and Pivot Grids Video

Last week, we published a blog on Personalized Analytics, Thresholds, Notification and Pivot Grids. To watch a step-by-step video demonstrating how to setup Thresholds, click here or on the photo below: Additionally, if you would like more information on simplified analytics, please email me at Larry.zagata@miproconsulting.com. To read more about MIPRO Consulting, click here.
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Quest 2019 RECONNECT Conference

If you only took away one message from this year’s RECONNECT conference, it would be that PeopleSoft is more alive and well than it has been over the last 15 years. Almost 500 individuals gathered in Chicago from July 16 – July 18. Over 50% were first-time RECONNECT conference attendees. This number would surprise anyone
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Personalized Analytics, Thresholds, Notification and Pivot Grids

Applications provide important notifications and system alerts through Personalized Analytics Notification. PeopleSoft Pivot Grids use this feature for threshold functionality. Users receive an alert informing them about a threshold violation. The two primary purposes of this function are: To establish threshold criteria for easy identification when data in a Pivot Grid is not within the defined
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Fluid Requisitions Enhancements

The Fluid Requisitions enhancements were delivered in FSCM PUM Image 31 and include many features available in Classic: Multiple search facets. Links to inventory, price breaks, and contract information. Ability to compare items. Display items in a list or tile view. Add items to templates. Request Fixed Cost Services, Variable Cost Services, and Time and
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Asset Transactions

The Asset Transactions Fluid tile was delivered in FSCM PUM Image 31. This addition allows Asset Coordinators and Asset Managers to submit custodial asset transfers and asset retirement requests for approval and further processing. Approvers can access reports routed to them. They can also review information and proceed with approval actions. Clicking on the Asset
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PeopleSoft Customer Advisory Board – Stronger Than Ever!

‘PeopleSoft customers today are more engaged than at almost any other time I can remember’ – paraphrased from Paco Aubrejuan, Senior Vice President, opening comments at the PeopleSoft Customer Advisory Board (CAB) 2019 meeting. This was my first opportunity to attend the CAB. It was three non-stop, exhilarating days of information, collaboration and frank discussions
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