New PeopleSoft Features Update

Did you know there were 37 new features and functionality delivered in HCM Images 34 & 35 and 69 new features released in FSCM images 36 & 37?



We’ve spent years creating a company dedicated to providing outrageous customer service for organizations as passionate about using PeopleSoft as we are.



We deploy and maintain PeopleSoft implementations, upgrades and optimizations for maximum strategic benefit.



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MIPRO MPower Process

Strategy + Planning

Assess business strategy, critical processes and technology needs to define project objectives and scope.

Definition + Design

Conduct fit/gap workshop and analysis to define technical and functional impact along with PeopleSoft security requirements.


Develop customizations, interfaces, reports, training materials and test plans and scripts.

Test + Deploy

Perform testing: system, integration, performance and user acceptance to finalize production environment and execute final move.

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Latest from MIPRO

Configuring Related Content Directly from a Fluid Pivot Grid

Although we have written multiple blogs and executed videos demonstrating Pivot Grids and Fluid Pivot Grids, we have not yet touched on configuring related content directly from a Fluid Pivot Grid. If a user consistently runs a Pivot Grid Analytic to perform their job, it is sensible to configure the Pivot Grid to include related
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Innovating with PeopleSoft eProcurement and Purchasing

Frankenmuth Insurance, located in the beautiful town of Frankenmuth, Michigan, recently celebrated their 150th anniversary of being in business. While they have not been using PeopleSoft for quite that entire time, they have been taking advantage of all that PeopleSoft has to offer for many years.  Most recently, Frankenmuth partnered with MIPRO to implement eProcurement
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PeopleSoft is green for growth!

Have you heard that PeopleSoft is at end of life? It might have even sounded convincing, but I am happy to share the truth with you. And I come to you with experience. I once believed in the Easter Bunny, and I came out the other end even better because I now know the truth.
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PeopleTools 8.59 Content

The PeopleSoft Planned Features and Enhancements Infocenter on MyOracle Support has been updated to include future enhancements for PeopleTools 8.59. You will need your MyOracle Support username and password to gain access. I look forward to the following new features: Fluid homepage redesigns Additional published tiles to personalized homepages Activity guide questionnaire improvements Activity guide
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Customer Contracts Kibana

Customer Contracts Kibana visualizations are new with FSCM 9.2 Image 37.  These visualizations allow the organization to review the customer contracts base and make key decisions.  The dashboard consists of the following visualizations: Number Active Contracts by Contract Administrator Number Active Contracts by BU, Region and Type Remaining Billing by BU by Region and Type
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Kibana Dashboard Video

As a follow-up to our Kibana dashboard creation blog, here is a video outlining the step-by-step process: Previous Kibana dashboard blogs focused on delivered dashboards that were already deployed.  If you would like more information on this topic, please reach out to me at
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Creating a New Kibana Dashboard

In this blog, we will touch on creating a new Kibana dashboard and deploying it. Our prior Kibana dashboard blogs focused on delivered dashboards that were already deployed.  Once logged into Kibana, the first step is to create the visualization. Here we can see the visualizations that are already created. To create a new one,
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PeopleSoft Health and Safety Updates

This blog serves as an update to our seven-part PeopleSoft Health and Safety blog series. In HCM Image 36, Health and Safety has been improved via Fluid. There is now a H&S Fluid tile available for Employee Self Service. Employees can see past incidents and report new ones. Follow the navigation to complete reporting. There
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