Amazon Storing More Than 49B Objects in S3

Amazon Storing More Than 49B Objects in S3

Derrick Harris, writing for GigaOm:

At Structure 2011 last month, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels told the crowd that S3 was storing 339 billion objects. At this same time last year, the service was only storing 262 billion objects. One might also draw a parallel to the ever-growing cloud revenues at Rackspace, the incredible amount of computing capacity AWS adds every day or the mass proliferation of new Software-as-a-Service offerings.

That’s 100% growth year-over-year. And be sure to click the Rackspace link, because they’re not doing too shabby either.  Right now AWS leads the way, with Rackspace running in second.

My feeling is that we’re still in the beginning stages. Cloud usage growth is going to go non-linear sometime down the line.


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