Nike: Write the Future

Nike: Write the Future

In anticipation of the 2010 World Cup (11 June – 11 July), Nike has released a promotional ad that mixes feature film, brand development and flat-out hype of an event that will captivate a good percentage of the world for a month.  The production value is absurd.

I’ve always said Nike is one of the best marketing companies in the world, and it’s the #1 sports brand globally.  CEO Phil Knight famously commented, “Business is war without bullets.”

The vision and dedication to production value are direct descendants of Nike’s ambition, aggressiveness and irreverence.  And for a company that crosses so many sporting chasms, every piece they make seems resonate with the insiders of any given sport.  Given the company’s size, this level of ‘getting it’ is pretty spectacular.

Can’t wait for June 11th.