PeopleSoft IS Alive and Well

PeopleSoft IS Alive and Well

Oracle Lifetime Support Policy

Did you hear? Oracle announced a change to the Oracle Lifetime Support policy for PeopleSoft applications that further illustrates their commitment to PeopleSoft.  As of April 2017, the Oracle Lifetime Support end date for PeopleSoft HCM/ELM and Financials (FMS/ESA/SCM) 9.2, as well as Campus Solutions 9.2, has now been pushed out to December 2027.  This extends the committed support “through at least” December 2027 under Oracle’s Premier Support program.  These support policy changes are documented on page 5 (the 9th page of the document) of the updated Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for Oracle Applications.

This change in the Oracle Lifetime Support policy demonstrates Oracle’s acknowledgement that customers who continue to rely on PeopleSoft applications for their core business processes need a better understanding of their support timeline horizons.  In their announcement, Oracle was clear in stating that the current December 2027 date is NOT, I repeat NOT, an end of life date for PeopleSoft.  The investment that Oracle continues to make in the PeopleSoft applications remains strong and there are NO plans to end investment or de-support PeopleSoft.

The information on the Oracle support change and more was included in a recent Oracle blog posting “Oracle Lifetime Support Document Updated For PeopleSoft – April 2017”.

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