Customer Contracts

Customer Contracts

When a user lands on the Customer Contracts homepage, they will be presented with a variety of Fluid tiles as shown below. Let’s take a closer look.

Customer Contracts Homepage

The Review Bill Plans tile allows the user to review billing plans.

Review Bill Plans Tile

Similarly, the Review Revenue Plans tile allows the user to review revenue plans.

The My Contracts tile allows the user to search, view, add and create new contracts.

My Contracts Tile

The Contracts WorkCenter tile includes dashboards, reports, queries, lists and links.

Contracts Workcenter Tile

The Customer Contracts tile provides a collection of important and common job tasks for contracts.

Customer Contracts 6

The Review and Manage Limits tile allows the user to enter search criteria to review contract information such as billing limits, processed amounts and remaining or excess amounts on contracts. The user can also review key dates such as last transaction and when a limit was reached.

Customer Contracts 7

The Review Contracts Summary tile allows the user to edit search criteria to find and review a contract and its summary.

Review Contract Summary Tile 1
Review Contract Summary Tile 2

The Contract Profit Margin tile is a delivered Fluid Pivot Grid tile.

Contract Profit Margin Tile

Users can filter by specific contracts, customers, contract types, etc. and then drill down to explore the profit, profit margin, cost and revenue.

In summary, the Customer Contracts homepage includes a variety of Fluid tiles.

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