ANNOUNCEMENT: Two new whitepapers now available (PeopleSoft + Business Intelligence)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Two new whitepapers now available (PeopleSoft + Business Intelligence)

These have been circulating on our Twitter feed, but for all of our new blog visitors (hi everyone!), I thought I’d post our recently-published whitepapers here.  They are:

PeopleSoft Maintenance Management: An Introduction and Overview of Benefits

An overview of PeopleSoft Maintenance Management and its superiority relative to point solutions. This paper discusses the MM/ALM-centric aspects of integration, business process optimization, reporting/analysis and implementation.

MiPro’s Business Intelligence Manifesto: Six Requirements for an Effective BI Deployment, by Larry Zagata

An examination of top requirements for executing a top-performing Business Intelligence (BI) system that can strategically guide a company’s decision-making. The fundamentals of this whitepaper can serve as checklist to help avoid pitfalls and drive a successful BI program. Major discussion themes are MiPro Consulting’s top suggestions for deploying effective BI along with real-world, front-line business examples to illustrate the value of adhering to these best practices. Authored by Larry Zagata, one of North America’s most recognized names in real-world BI consulting and delivery.

These are both behind landing pages, but we kept them short.  Seriously.

Enjoy, and of course, all feedback is welcome.  If you have thoughts, comments or questions, contact us directly or give us a shake on Twitter.


MIPRO bi (additional detail on MiPro’s Business Intelligence services)

PeopleSoft (additional detail on MiPro’s PeopleSoft Enterprise services)