Defining Data Engineering

Defining Data Engineering

Rafe Colburn over at has a smart post about how Big Data gets all of the attention, but Big Data wouldn’t be very effective without data engineering, which is different than data science:

Last year I started working in the world of Big Data, and at the time, I didn’t know that “data science” and “data engineering” were separate things. At some point, I looked at what my team is working on and realized that the distinction between the two is important, and that the team is firmly entrenched in the data engineering camp.

Data scientists get all the glory and attention, but without data engineering, there’s no way for data scientists to practice real science.

Very smart and interesting, seeing how this is the first thing I’ve read that differentiates ‘data science’ and ‘data engineering’. If you’re researching Big Data or have any interest in it whatsoever, this is a great read. Check it out.