Configuration Specialist

Configuration Specialist

Based on PeopleTools 8.58, future PeopleSoft application update images will include a Configuration Specialist homepage and role in addition to selected tile definitions such as the Page and Field Configurator and the Form Designer. Currently, PeopleTools 8.58 includes the following tile definitions:

  • Activity Guide.
  • Manage Dashboard Pages.
  • Navigation Collections.
  • Notifications.
  • Pivot Grid.
  • Related Content Service.
  • Tile Wizard.

PeopleSoft applications will add the configuration tiles to the Configuration Specialist homepage. This will enable some PeopleTools functionality and other configuration tasks to be selected as specialists without granting access to the entire PeopleTools menu.

The tiles can be added to the homepage. 

Configuration Specialist Homepage

The Configuration Specialist will be able to control configuration tasks for each of the 7 different functions including Managing Dashboard Pages.

Configuration Specialist Manage Dashboard Pages
Configuration Specialist Classic Dashboards
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