The Importance of True Collaboration Between Executives and IT

The Importance of True Collaboration Between Executives and IT

I came across this article over at and couldn’t agree with it more.

It illustrates the importance of collaboration between business stakeholders and IT to any successful technology project — a topic we’ve all heard a dozen times. What’s the big deal?

We all do things with the best of intentions; nobody ever begins a project with the intention of killing it midstream. The thinking goes: We’re smart. We’re experienced. We know what we’re doing. This is especially true on the business side of the house.

But the details go like this: As business types get down the project’s path, we often find there are technical interfaces and integrations we are not equipped to handle on the business side. I know that many business-side stakeholders think we can handle doing it ourselves and in less time than when involving our IT departments. Well, that could wind up being dramatically wrong thinking.

Bottom line: if you are an executive with a DYI technology project underway, I would heed the advice in Susan’s article and learn from the project instead of killing it. Such an easy lesson, but often handled so wrong.


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