New Central Resource for PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM)

New Central Resource for PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM)


We have written several times about the new PeopleSoft Update Manager (here, here and here) and Continuous Delivery Model (here and here), because they drastically transform the PeopleSoft delivery and update image administration experience. At this year’s OpenWorld, they constituted headline-grabbing educational sessions for the PeopleSoft community.

You could say they’re sort of a big deal.

Oracle has created a new central resource for all information related to the PeopleSoft Update Manager and Continuous Delivery Model. Matthew Haavisto over at the PeopleSoft Technology Blog sums it up:

You probably have already heard that PeopleSoft is moving to a new model for providing updates and maintenance to customers.  This new life cycle model enables customers to adopt changes incrementally and on their schedule.  It is much less disruptive, is cheaper and simpler, makes updates available sooner, and gives customers greater control.  An essential part of the new model is PeopleSoft Update Manager.  Now there is a new central resource for everything about PUM and PeopleSoft Update Images.  With this resource you can find information about the methodology and purpose of PUM, the update image home pages, and specific information about each image, troubleshooting links, best practices, and more.

Again, the link is here (Oracle logon required), and it’s worth diving into if you’re researching how what the PeopleSoft Update Manager is and how it could benefit your organization. Check it out.