You Win, RIM!

You Win, RIM!

Jamie Murai, a potential developer for RIM’s upcoming Playbook tablet, throws in the towel:

You win. I concede defeat. I no longer want to attempt developing an app for the Playbook. Are you happy now? Surely you must be. Considering how terribly designed the entire process is, from the registration right through to loading an app into the simulator, I can only assume that you are trying to drive developers away by inconveniencing them as much as humanly possible. Just in case you’ve forgotten, let me give you a little recap of the process you’ve put together.

Read Jamie’s full story of how he came to this level of frustration.  Also see RIM’s response on its BlackBerry Developer’s Blog.

I like what I’ve seen in of the Playbook (preview here) so far, but the bottom line is exactly what Murai says: RIM has got to make their development process and tools, at a minimum, as good as Apple’s or Google’s.  If they can’t do that, why develop for the platform when iOS and Android have open doors right around the corner?

It’s all about the apps, and you don’t get apps without developers.  A smart and mature process and SDK are necessities, not luxuries, in the post-PC era.


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