Word Lens

Word Lens

It’s not often (read: ever) I go into ad hoc iPhone or Android app reviews here, but today I’m going to break with tradition and tell you about an amazing iPhone app.  If you’re an iPhone user, buckle up.

Word Lens is an augmented-reality app that translates or otherwise modifies text in real time through you iPhone’s camera.  What does that mean?  It means, for example, if I point my iPhone at a sign that says MIPRO CONSULTING, the app can translate that to Spanish on-the-fly.  No  processing time necessary.  Just aim the camera at some clear, well-lit text, and it just works.

Right now, Quest Visual, the makers of Word Lens, have Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish dictionaries available as in-app purchases for $5.  More languages are on the way.  Included with the app – which is free, by the way – is Reverse Text, which is a proof-of-concept/demo more than anything else. (MIPRO CONSULTING becomes ORPIM GNITLUSNOC.)

Some demo videos:

Word Lens for iOS


Word Lens demo

It’s like an app from the future wormholed its way back to us.

Word Lens [iTunes link]


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