MiPro Core Values: People

MiPro Core Values: People

Three-and-a-half years ago, when we started MiPro Consulting, one of the first things we did was define a set of core values. Before our name, before our logo, before even our mission statement, we defined a set of values that would serve as a guide, or compass, for where we took MiPro Consulting. Over the past few months we have been highlighting a core values in our employee news letter. In March I wrote about our first core value, PEOPLE. In the spirit of getting to know MiPro, I now share it with you.

People. Our first core value. Sometimes I am asked why our second core value Customers isn’t our first. I love that question!

When we started MiPro Consulting we spent a lot of time discussing not only what we were going to do but why were going to do it. The most consistent theme in those early days was to build a work place that was fun, passionate, and engaging. We knew that to be successful we needed to create and maintain a work environment that attracted the very best and the very brightest in the industry. (By the way, when I look at the team we have, it is clear to me that the formula is working!).

In professional services your product is your people. If you don’t have great people then you really don’t have much value that you can offer to your customer. So that is why People come first at MiPro.

Our recipe is pretty simple.

1. Create a GREAT work environment.
Use that environment to attract GREAT people.
Encourage your GREAT people to do GREAT things for their customers.
Doing GREAT things for customers yields more business.
Repeat step one over and over and over.
Never forget step one.

These are my thoughts on MiPro core value number one — PEOPLE. I would love to hear your thoughts.

-Chris Bishop
President, MiPro Consulting

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