Now available: PeopleSoft packaged services

Now available: PeopleSoft packaged services

Over the last six months, one of the most frequent requests we’ve been getting is for low-cost, high-yield, quick-turnaround packaged services that tackle some main technical hurdles of PeopleSoft implementations.  These aren’t standard, large-project based engagements: these are geared more towards productized services than traditional professional services.

What we’re finding is that despite the slow economy, clients still need to get their ERP projects done so their management can go back to business stakeholders and tell them progress is being made, objectives met, more intelligence added.  We get asked about several consistently, but the two that keep popping up are PeopleSoft architecture assessment services, and help with load testing for PeopleSoft apps.

So, we’re pretty thrilled to say that after talking to a good number of large PeopleSoft shops and rejiggering some of our best consultants, we’re able to offer these two packaged services as of today.

Again, the drivers behind these are relatively simple: offer pre-engineered (and for the most part, pre-scoped) services, staffed by experts, aimed at the key areas that pave the way for smooth PeopleSoft upgrades or implementations.  These don’t break the bank, won’t clog up internal resource allocations, and provide very high value quickly.

You can read more about the details here, or if you’re passionate about datasheets, you can get them below:

PeopleSoft Architecture Assessment

PeopleSoft Performance Load Testing

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