Casual Friday: Essential Cooking Techniques

Casual Friday: Essential Cooking Techniques


It’s Friday, we’re heading into a season where food is the raison d’être, and if you’re anything like me, you have no idea what to do in the kitchen. I mean, I can make cereal, even oatmeal, and probably toast. I can also boil noodles and slop a bottle of sauce on them. Sometimes, I manage to scramble eggs without having them turn out like dried paint. But beyond these dishes, my reliability and skill in the kitchen diminishes rapidly. I am not proud of this.

I plan on taking a few cooking classes, but before that, seriously watching every one of these 53 NYTimes videos that teach essential cooking techniques. I do mean essential, too: these range from cutting a mango, to holding a knife (I’ve been doing it wrong, by the way), to poaching an egg to stemming greens.

Literally almost every video in this series taught me something I didn’t know. I would say that’s how good these videos are, but when I’m your control group, well, your cooking study starts off pretty deep in the hole.

(Yes, I watched them all. For real.)


Check these out. Worth your time if you want to get better in the kitchen.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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