Payment Request Center

Payment Request Center

Delivered in FSCM PUM Image 6, PeopleSoft Payables 9.2 provides the ability for users to enter payment requests such as non-PO, miscellaneous, and other expenses into PeopleSoft. End users from Marketing, Legal, Operations and other departments may now initiate and submit their expenses without AP assistance. This has a positive impact by reducing the AP team’s time and effort for entering payments on behalf of users. Approved employees can find the Payment Request Center on the Employee Self Service homepage.

Payment Request Center tile on Employee Self Service homepage

All the employee payment requests can be found upon entering the tile.

Payment Request Center

Employees can enter a payment request via a guided path, entering the business unit, cost and invoice number.

Payment Request Center Step 1

The supplier is selected. If the supplier is not set up in PeopleSoft, the employee can provide supplier information and request the new supplier setup.

Payment Request Center Step 2
Payment Request - New Supplier Request

Invoice details and line information are entered. You can select an item from the item master or a description for the item.

Payment Request Center Step 3

If the organization uses accounting tags, they can be utilized.

Accounting Tag

Accounting information can be entered. Normal defaults apply. The dollars can be split across multiple accounts.

Accounting Details

The final step is to submit the payment request.

Payment Request Center Step 4

If approvals are set up, the payment request is routed for approval.

Approval Flow
Payment Request Employee Self Service

Since Payment Request was introduced, many enhancements have been made. They are listed below.

Payment Request enhancements

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