Positivity – A Choice We Should All Make

Positivity – A Choice We Should All Make


Positivity is a choice we all have the ability to make. Positive actions, words, and surroundings can all have a very dramatic effect on our personal lives as well as our work lives.

While browsing the internet I came across this article written by Alan Kohll, founder & president of TotalWellness. Mr. Kohll also agrees that positivity at work is very important (optimists are more productive & easier to work with); but he states it “…is easier said than done”. If you are looking for some tips on creating a positive work environment take a look at this article. There are some quick & easy things you can do to get started.

If we all use these tips in our day-to-day life, our outlook on life would always be the glass is half full…never half empty.

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