Project Management Lingo

Project Management Lingo

Michael Sippey proffers the absolute best list of real-world project management lingo that is (unfortunately) really, truly out there and really, truly used by people who should really, truly know better.  My favorites:

  • Clue bat
  • Coconut shuffle
  • Come to Beavis meeting
  • Consistify
  • Eating the elephant one bite at a time
  • Gantt flotsam
  • Happy status
  • Hit with the scope bat
  • I’m going to have to push back on that
  • Nine women can’t have a baby in one month
  • Shovel ready
  • Then a miracle occurs

In my former life (Is that a catchphrase too? – Ed.), I heard about two-thirds of this list on a weekly basis.  The more strategic and important the meeting, the more frequently they came out.  When I heard a Sr. VP talk about herding cats and conceptual integrity, I knew we were doomed.

Be sure to check out the whole thing.

(via kottke)

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