Workforce Composition Using Kibana Analytics

Workforce Composition Using Kibana Analytics

In HCM PUM Image 35, Oracle delivered the Workforce Composition dashboard created using Kibana Analytics. The Workforce Composition dashboard enables you to view visualizations in Kibana based on the Person index in Elasticsearch.

You can find the link to the dashboard through the Workforce Administrator homepage.

workforce composition dashboard

On the Kibana Dashboard, we can see:

  • Employees by Department
  • Employee Count
  • Full Time vs Part-Time
  • Regular vs Temporary
  • Employee Distribution by Country
Kibana Workforce Composition dashboard
Kibana Dashboard - Part 2

Each of these dashboards can be drilled into and filtered; for example, let’s take Employees by Department.

Employees by department

We can filter by each department. In this case, we can select Information Systems.


The data within each dashboard changes.

The visualization capabilities of Kibana Analytics are compelling. Oracle will be delivering more Kibana Analytics with additional PUM releases.

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