PeopleSoft Web Services and WS-Security

PeopleSoft Web Services and WS-Security

If you’re having problems deploying PeopleSoft Web Services because of ws-security issues (I think we all know that security is a paramount concern when pushing any new web services into production), Dave Bain over at the PeopleSoft Technology Blog might have the help you’re looking for:

I was speaking with a customer a few days ago about PeopleSoft Web Services.  The customer created a web service but when they went to deploy it, they had so many problems configuring ws-security, they pulled the service.  They spent several days trying to get it working but never got it working so they’ve put it on hold until they have time to work through the issues.

Having gone through the process of configuring ws-security myself, I understand the complexity.  There is no magic ‘easy’ button to push.  If you are not familiar with all the moving parts like policies, certificates, public and private keys, credential stores, and so on, it can be a daunting task.  PeopleBooks documentation is good but does not offer a step-by-step example to follow.  Fear not, for those that want more help, there is a place to go.

Bain spent some time finding the right solutions to this issue. If you’re struggling with ws-security and PeopleSoft Web Services, don’t miss his suggestions.


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