MiPro Business Intelligence: our new services practice is live

MiPro Business Intelligence: our new services practice is live

Today, if you’ve been scanning the wires, you’ll note that we’ve announced a  mipro_bi brand-new services arm focusing on Business Intelligence (BI).  This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to people who follow us on Twitter and read this blog regularly; about three weeks ago, we announced our hiring of Larry Zagata, an established BI guru, as our BI Practice Director.

And today, after months of planning, talking to customers, and pulling everything together, we’re excited to be fully live with our BI practice.

BI is something that we’re hearing about on almost every discovery call we take.  Our existing clients are asking about it, and we haven’t found an executive who isn’t blown away by what BI can throw on a dashboard for them.  We’re pretty thrilled that we are in a position to parlay our PeopleSoft ERP experience into a BI play, and we’re especially in tune with BI inquiries as a result of our involvement with Workday’s built-in BI functionality.

With software new license revenue forecasted to be down through 2009, organizations have some tough choices to make.  They aren’t just hunkering down through the storm, because they still have business goals to hit that IT must enable.  Also, for more progressive companies, investment is happening now so they’re sitting pretty when the recovery begins in earnest.

So, today’s mindset isn’t necessarily about new projects begetting new value, but also about how existing IT investments (and data) can help the business run more profitably and efficiently.  That’s where BI plays prominently: in helping companies turn existing data into role-appropriate, actionable business information.  While that might sound a bit too buzzwordy for some, the truth remains: data is noise without the proper analysis and context.  BI provides both.

Our BI practice, which focuses on Oracle BI and SAP Business Objects, is bucketed into three offerings: Knowledge-on-Demand, BI Packaged Services, and Full Lifecycle BI Implementations.  Lots of detail included in those links, but you probably still have questions.  If BI is of interest to you and you’d like to talk to someone beyond a blog post and a website, contact us and we’ll be in touch right away.

(If you hate web forms, email us at info at miproconsulting dot com.)

Oh, a final plug: if you’re interested in what we stumble across daily (and think is worth talking about), follow MiPro on Twitter.  We’re pretty fun – we promise.

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