Ground Rules

Ground Rules

The first order of business, of course, is to explain what this place is and isn’t.  That’s always helpful when it comes to company blogs, because when they’re done right they’re spectacular, but done poorly they lead to nothing but treachery and despair.  So I’d like to get things going on the right foot.

This place is:

  • Unfiltered thoughts and musings from MiPro Consulting, some of which will ruminate on our own business, our ideas, our false-starts, our victories.
  • Honest conversation.
  • Diverse.
  • Not boring.
  • A genuine conversation platform and place to engage the web community.
  • A real blog.

It isn’t:

  • A corporate shill-blog.
  • Edited and censored by management.
  • A brand/culture indoctrination tool.
  • Written in the shadows of lawyers.
  • Afraid of real feedback, be it “You suck!” or “You guys are fantastic!”
  • A fake blog.

It seems an academic exercise to say these things as an opening post, because every other company says the same things.  They believe it on some level, too.  But over time, this transparency thing is hard, because it makes you accountable for what you write and say.  Company blog authors will often go back and make a quick edit to un-ring a bell they rung, but they forget the web has a caches and mirrors and trackbacks and excerpts: the web has a memory.  Over time, though, blogs develop like a person and have a personality.  Real ones have some permanence and fake ones get outed and fall away.

So, here’s to permanence.

Off we go in the spirit of everything I say above.  Glad you’re here.  Come back often, or, if you’re an RSS purist, grab our feed here.

Thanks, and welcome.

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