Finally, Some Focus Comes to Oracle Fusion

Finally, Some Focus Comes to Oracle Fusion

Bill Kutik talks about Oracle’s perception problem with Fusion after their five years of secrecy, what the early adopters so far look like, and how customers are slowly looking at Fusion in earnest. But an interesting subplot is the Oracle v. Workday cage match that’s going on, one that will be ultimately considered a function of time if Kutik is correct:

What nobody talks about publicly is Oracle’s effort to derail Workday’s late-stage sales efforts to Oracle clients. Again, business as usual: It’s called capitalism. Apparently, it may have contributed to Workday’s not signing Charles Schwab, but Oracle’s efforts failed at Thomson Reuters, which was recently announced as a Workday customer.

That’s the cage match to watch going forward — with Workday currently having the advantage of older battle-tested software, being able to pursue larger customers and 230 of them already signed. But given Oracle’s much larger size, resources and installed base, those Workday advantages will shrink over time.

Fusion became generally available on June 1, Leone says, and now anyone can buy it, though still with careful qualification.

Leone confirms that Oracle is looking to HCM as its best source for larger company Fusion sales.

It will be interesting to see how Fusion gets a foothold in the market and builds momentum. It’s been a long five years, and people are interested for real developments and releases. We hear it firsthand every day.


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