Cash Advance Accounting

Cash Advance Accounting

Delivered in FSCM PUM 35 is the enhanced Cash Advance feature. Oracle has added an Accounting Details grid to the Cash Advance transaction pages. The Privilege Template can be used as needed to control employee and approver access to the Accounting Details grid. This functionality can reduce the burden on the AP department. Users can now enter information themselves in the Accounting Details tab.

Accounting Details - Cash Advance

The user defaults determine the GL Unit and Department.

User Defaults - Cash Advance
Data - Cash Advance

With the Employee Privilege template, you can control whether the employee can edit the defaults and accounting details or simply view them.  The Employee Privilege template can be found by following:  >>Setup financials/Supply Chain>>Product Related>>Expenses>>Management>>Employee Privilege Template.

Employee Privileges Template
Accounting Details - Employee Privileges Template

As always, the organization can control what actions the user can take in the Cash Advance Accounting feature.

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