Workforce Insight

Workforce Insight

There are many analytics available in PeopleSoft HR regarding the composition of the employee base. On the Workforce Administrator site, the Workforce Insight tile will provide the analytics dashboard.

Workforce Insight tile
Workforce Insight - Part 1
Workforce Insight - Part 2

We previously blogged about Workforce Composition and Kibana Analytics.

Another delivered Kibana Analytic is the Workforce Diversity Analytic.  It provides information regarding:

  • Employees by Ethnic Group
  • Employees by Gender
  • Comparison of Age and Gender
  • Comparison Ratio by Department
  • Employees by Job Code
  • Employees by Country
  • Employee Details
Analytics 1
Analytics 2

Additionally, the Diversity Overview Fluid Pivot Grid provides analytics regarding gender, age, ethnicity and veteran status.

Fluid Pivot Grid

The Diversity Analysis Fluid Pivot Grid provides analytics regarding age.

Diversity Analysis Fluid Pivot Grid

There are many diversity analytics which can provide your organization the data it needs to make sound HR decisions.

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