SCREENCAST: Using PeopleTools to Improve Business Intelligence, Pt. 2

SCREENCAST: Using PeopleTools to Improve Business Intelligence, Pt. 2

In our previous video blog, we demonstrated the concepts of how to use PeopleTools 8.5 for improved business intelligence. We showed how to apply navigation collection, embeddable pagelets, XML publisher and related content to your business practices.  In this follow up screencast, we demo how to actually use PeopleTools to create an embeddable pagelet and related content.  This video will complete the story and give you some basic concepts to get you started.

If you need more than this demonstration to help your organization move forward, we do offer a one week quick start package to get you up and running around a subject of your choosing.  In this one week offering, we will help you define key requirements, translate those into business intelligence (read: help you uncover the questions you should be asking), create a navigation collection as well as a series of embeddable pagelets and related content.  Our quick start service is designed to get you moving forward to improve your business intelligence as quickly as possible, and it’s very effective.  I would be happy to discuss this service further should you have any questions. Please tell me what’s on your mind.

Here’s our second screencast on this topic. Grab some coffee and enjoy!


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