FSCM PUM Image 12 – Pricing Manager WorkCenter

FSCM PUM Image 12 – Pricing Manager WorkCenter

On May 6th, Oracle released Image 12 for PeopleSoft FSCM. One of the enhancements released was the Pricing Manager WorkCenter in Order Management; it is designed to streamline the daily functions for power users. The Pricing Manager WorkCenter contains the pricing dashboard, alerts, additional analytics, reports and queries and links to the most common work functions in Order Management.

As with other work centers, users can configure additional links, reports, queries etc. to further improve their end user experience. The “one-stop shopping” of these work centers vastly improves the ability of users to perform their jobs and improves speed and efficiency. The ability to be alerted about pricing issues from one page and then investigate, diagnose and take action in a streamlined manner frees up time to improve the effectiveness of the power users.

Pricing Manager WorkCenter

Using your Oracle support user name and password, you can find a PDF describing in more detail the Pricing Manager WorkCenter here.

If you would like more information about Pricing Manager WorkCenter, please reach out to me via email.


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