PeopleSoft DPKs and Oracle Cloud

PeopleSoft DPKs and Oracle Cloud

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New with PeopleTools 8.55 is an architecture improvement called Deployment Packages or DPKs. PeopleSoft DPKs offer out-of-the-box functionality which greatly enhances the installation and configuration of your PeopleSoft environment; this is not available via the standard VCD installation. DPKs allow fast deployment of a PeopleSoft environment on any hardware platform—physical hardware (“bare metal”) or virtual. The DPKs can be installed on Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms supported by Oracle for PeopleSoft systems.

A few key items taken from the PeopleTools new features overview:

  • Using DPKs to create a PeopleTools middle-tier (Application Server, Process Scheduler, and PIA) typically takes less than 15 minutes.
  • DPKs allow for fast environment cloning. Using database snap cloning, an environment clone can be achieved in less than 30 minutes.

Additionally, Oracle recently announced PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud. PeopleSoft customers can run non-production workloads on the Oracle Compute Cloud Service. Customers have the ability to move their existing Development, Test, Training, Demo and Conference Room Pilot environments to the Oracle Compute Cloud or use the Oracle Compute Cloud for their next Oracle Applications Project. Oracle Cloud along with the speed of deployment from DPKs provide customers with options to quickly spin up new PeopleSoft environments on either their own hardware or leveraging Oracle Cloud. For any organization that requires short lived but multiple environments to support projects, these are great options to support those projects.

Oracle has released FAQ’s on the Cloud deployment that can be found here:

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