Personalized Analytics, Thresholds, Notification and Pivot Grids

Personalized Analytics, Thresholds, Notification and Pivot Grids

Applications provide important notifications and system alerts through Personalized Analytics Notification. PeopleSoft Pivot Grids use this feature for threshold functionality. Users receive an alert informing them about a threshold violation. The two primary purposes of this function are:

  1. To establish threshold criteria for easy identification when data in a Pivot Grid is not within the defined tolerance of the threshold.
  2. To notify specific users or roles when data is outside of the defined threshold.

The threshold creation process is straight forward.  Since we have published many Pivot Grid blogs and video blogs, we will skip directly to Step 4 of the Pivot Grid Wizard to establish thresholds at the Pivot Grid level.

Click on ‘Define Threshold’.

Users can select the desired distinct number or range.  In this example, we’ll select a distinct number of 30,000 and red as the color.

Users can also setup notifications. When the threshold is reached, then users/roles can receive a push notification, a mail notification or both. In order to support the notifications, they must be setup to run on a specific frequency and be picked up by an application engine. The notification piece will not be discussed in this blog.

Once a threshold is set, it will be part of the Pivot Grid.  Looking at the Pivot Grid, you can see how thresholds are displayed.

On the Pivot Grid, users will see red lines indicating the threshold amount.  Taking a closer look, we can see which business units are above the threshold.

Elements that are not above the threshold are not highlighted in red. However, the threshold line is clearly defined.

Additionally, users can also personalize the thresholds within the Pivot Grid.

Thresholds allow the user to easily visualize defined elements that are outside the defined tolerance of the threshold.

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