Business Process Documentation – Part 2

Business Process Documentation – Part 2


UPK vs. Level 4 and Level 6 Documentation

Last week we discussed the delivered PeopleSoft business process flows and delivered text based business process documentation. As promised, today we will discuss UPK and Level 4 and Level 6 business documentation.


UPK is often discussed for training purposes, for which it is an excellent tool. But did you know UPK is also great for business process documentation? While most of that is in the form of training, UPK also provides business process documentation in the form of step-by-step process instructions.   The value of UPK is apparent in many areas: the content that is delivered, the ability to customize, and the fact that as the product is updated, UPK content is updated – a very cool feature. If you don’t purchase the content, you can still build the UPK materials with the development kit. Like the PeopleSoft delivered business process flows, UPK is always available for the end-user online. It is great for ongoing documentation and for new hires or transfers into new roles.

Level 4 and Level 6 Documentation

When it comes to business process documentation, utilizing Level 4 and Level 6 documentation is considered a best practice. Level 4 documentation is much like the PeopleSoft delivered business process flows where we have the role on the left and each swim lane has the specific business steps. Each business step is properly numbered. With Level 4 documentation, this has to be created from scratch utilizing a business flow software. It does not have the advantage of being updated by PeopleSoft.

Flowchart 1

With Level 6, each number business process is provided additional text, screen shots and links to additional documentation. These provide the most detail and have the advantage of leveraging both business process flows and additional detail linked together.

Level 6

There are pro’s and con’s with all of these options. So below is a chart to clarify the advantages and disadvantages of each type of documentation.

Pro Con Chart

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