My Team Manager Self Service

My Team Manager Self Service

Previously, we’ve published written and video blogs regarding Fluid and Classic features such as simplified analytics, related content, and related actions. To improve efficiency and the overall user experience, the My Team Manager Self Service tile (see photo below) now houses all these features in one location. As always, the user can configure the delivered Manager Self Service homepage.

When we drill into the tile, the user’s team is presented in a Fluid format. Immediately, we notice related actions and some analytics.

Available related actions allow us to perform the most common employee functions regarding compensation, performance, development, etc. Previously, users had to navigate back to many of these activities to execute the function. This is a perfect example of efficiency: saving clicks and time.

On the analytics side, you can see available related information such as performance vs. comparable, current salary analysis, etc.

Of course, these are also configurable. You can also show or hide available related information.

Under the My Analytics tab, the user can add some simplified analytics.

Available options include current headcount and headcount management. You can also create multiple analytics.

In summary, the My Team Manager Self Service improves efficiency and the overall user experience by housing features such as Fluid, related actions, related content, and simplified analytics in one location.

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