Health and Safety Kibana Analytics

Health and Safety Kibana Analytics

New with HCM PUM Image 37 are Health and Safety Kibana Analytics. Let’s explore the different types of analytics now available.

We will begin by using the Regulatory Region, Location and Establishment filters and applying them to the entire dashboard.

Health and Safety Kibana Analytics - Filters

The first available analytic is Incidents by Type. You can hover over each area to get the specifics.

Health and Safety Kibana Analytics - Incidents by Type

The second analytic is Incidents by Date.

Incidents by Date

Incidents by Location is next. The larger the text in the Incident Types analytic, the more frequently that type of incident has occurred.

Incidents by Location

Next, we have Reportable Cases, Work-Related Cases and Total Days Away From Work.

Reportable Cases

Then, we encounter the Primary Outcome and Treatment Received analytic.

Primary Outcome

Finally, we have Incident Details which includes dates, types, names, outcomes, etc. 

Incident Details

Note that all analytics can be maximized to full screen.

Health and Safety Kibana Analytics - Full Screen

The Health and Safety Kibana Analytics provide an information key for tracking incidents. This information assists organizations in taking appropriate corrective actions. You can find information on PeopleSoft Health and Safety here

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