PeopleSoft Health and Safety – Part I

PeopleSoft Health and Safety – Part I

In PeopleSoft HR, there is functionality associated with Health and Safety.  The overview below outlines the process of working through a safety incident. 

The process involves the initial setup of health and safety tracking information. The next steps include identifying the safety incident, identifying and documenting witnesses & incident details, generating appropriate internal and regulatory reporting, and updating the medical exams and results. 

Monitor Health and Safety enables you to record and track incidents, injuries, illnesses, and dangerous occurrences at the workplace. In addition to tracking incidents for employees, you can also record and track non-employees — employees who were witnesses but who were not actually injured. Using Monitor Health and Safety, you can submit and process medical and examination data to the appropriate reporting agencies.

In your PeopleSoft system, you’ll find Health and Safety under Workforce Monitoring.

You can find information on this topic in PeopleBooks here.

In the upcoming blogs in this series, we’ll walk through the process in more detail.

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