Selective Adoption Panel at Collaborate

Selective Adoption Panel at Collaborate

Are you a PeopleSoft customer struggling with Selective Adoption? You are not alone! There are some organizations that have it locked down, but others have challenges on how to incorporate Selective Adoption into the normal workload.

MIPRO recently had the pleasure of sitting on a Selective Adoption panel consisting of several customers including NYU Langone Medical Center, Wells Fargo and Alameda County as well as Oracle (Dave Bain). The Selective Adoption panel was a combination of questions directed to the customers on the panel regarding their experience running selective adoption in their organizations. The remainder of the panel time was open to questions from the audience.

Some of the topics discussed and most of the questions asked revolved around:

  • Staffing and how many resources are needed for Selective Adoption
  • Staffing and how do you fit Selective Adoption into your normal workload
  • PeopleSoft test framework and whether it should be leveraged to support Selective Adoption
  • How important is it to get current
  • How does PeopleTools fit into your Selective Adoption strategy
  • How do you deal with customizations

The biggest challenge customers seem to face is how to staff and organize around Selective Adoption. One key thing to understand is that Selective Adoption is no longer just a technical exercise of what patches, bug fixes and pre-requisites need to be applied. There is a significant business component that requires a business analyst(s) to be involved in the Selective Adoption team and process. While the number of resources required will vary based on the size of your organization, number of modules in production, business practices, etc.

I thought the greatest words of wisdom came from Mark Negron from NYU Langone Medical Center. In summary, NYU plans their Selective Adoption around quarters. Not only are the Selective Adoption activities planned out in quarters but all of the other projects and requirements on the IT organization are planned quarterly. So anything Selective Adoption related along with other business requests are put in a queue that can be accomplished within that quarter. This allows Selective Adoption to be a normal part of the project priority process as opposed to something that has to be accomplished in addition to normal IT duties. It becomes normal IT and business priority.

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