PeopleSoft Supplier Self Service Series – Part IV: Bidding Opportunities

PeopleSoft Supplier Self Service Series – Part IV: Bidding Opportunities

In Part IV of our Supplier Self Service series, we will explore Bidding Opportunities. If Strategic Sourcing is implemented, then the Bidding Opportunities tile is displayed.

For Public and Prospective Suppliers, use the Bidding Opportunities tile to open a new page. This tile provides a list of public bidding events. The Bidding Opportunities tile displays a count of the events available to the general public for bidding.

To initiate the bidding process, a user should first register as a bidder to receive a Bidder ID as detailed in Part III of this series. Participation in a public bidding event requires a Bidder ID.

Clicking on the details will display specific information related to the event.  Keep in mind, users can only review here. Users perform the action in the secure supplier portal.

When clicking on the View Bid Package, the entire bid package from the strategic sourcing event can be viewed in PDF form.

The user is provided information. Then, the user either bids or applies for a Bidder ID to participate in the event and utilizes the secure supplier portal for responding to the event.

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