New PUM Features: 2023 Release #1

New PUM Features: 2023 Release #1

PeopleSoft New Features Update

Oracle recently delivered the 1st release in 2023. Did you know there were 45 new features and functionality delivered in FSCM Images 46-47? And 22 new features released in HCM image 45?  To view a complete list of the key features delivered, the module, the image delivered and the minimum PeopleTools version click on the links listed below.

The HCM enhancements were across modules as broken down by the chart below with Core HR having the most enhancements overall. 

ModuleNew Features
Absence Management Count1
Benefits Administration Count1
Candidate Gateway Count1
General HCM Enhancements Count2
Global Payroll Count for Switzerland1
Human Resources Count9
Payroll for North America Count3
Talent Acquisition Manager Count1
Time and Labor Count1
ePerformance Count1
eProfile Manager Desktop Count1
Grand Count22

The new PUM features 2023 release #1 included many HCM enhancements. Here are a few:

  • Enhanced Absence Management to combine the absence request, balances, and history pages into one unified user interface, providing the user with a seamless absence reporting experience.
  • Added configuration setup in Fluid Direct Reports to show remote worker information.
  • Enhanced the Fluid Company Directory configuration to provide the ability to display additional fields, which include the Business Title, Remote Worker Status, Employee Time Zone and Local Time fields.
  • Modified the Voluntary and Involuntary Offboarding templates to replace the classic Manager Checklist step with the new Fluid Manager Checklist step.
  • Enhanced the Performance Management functionality for managers, employees and participants to conduct performance reviews in Fluid. Pages are completely redesigned to provide users a modern user interface for accessing and working with evaluation documents in every step of the review cycle.
  • Multiple real time indexing enhancements

The FSCM enhancements across modules are broken down by the chart below:

Asset Management Count5
Billing Count3
Cash Management Count1
Expenses Count2
General FSCM Enhancements Count5
General Ledger Count2
Grants Count2
Maintenance Management Count2
Payables Count5
Project Costing Count2
Receivables Count4
Resource Management Count1
eBill Payment Count1
Mobile Inventory Count1
Purchasing Count4
Supplier Contract Management Count1
eProcurement Count4
Grand Count45

The new PUM features 2023 release #1 also included many FSCM enhancements.  A few key enhancements include:

  • Added the sum of non-capitalized cost to the Non-Cap History List page. This is similar to how the total cost displays on the Capitalized Cost History List.
  • Enhanced the Review Depreciation component with related content, which enables you to view book or cost history information related to the asset. Related content displays below the transaction page in a split screen format.
  • Enhanced invoicing to restrict users from deleting attachments from Supporting Documentations pages. You can configure your system so that specific roles can delete attachments. When using this feature, the user who attached the document can delete attachments regardless of their role.
  • Enhanced the payment option to configure the source of payments for PeopleSoft Expenses. The Payment Destination option applies to cash advances and expense report reimbursements. It is defined at three different locations: installation, business unit, and employee, and is used during the Stage Payment process.
  • Adopted the PeopleTools 8.60 feature that adds an expiration date to disable and lock a user security profile based on an effective date for FSCM.
  • Enhanced the Business Unit Management feature to set up general ledger and sub-ledger business units using the PeopleTools Activity Guide. It combines the most common components used to create general ledger and sub-ledger business units into a single location so that you can use one central component. This image adds Payables as a source system.
  • Enhanced Supplier Relationship Management to recognize the potential duplicate registration of an existing supplier. While adding a new supplier, if supplier data matches specific field values, an error message is displayed when saving the record. In addition, a link is provided to view existing supplier and registration details.
  • Added a My Work Exception on the Fluid Project Costing WorkCenter to review and update deferred billings. The exception allows users to update the billing date for deferred billing transactions, place a contract bill plan on hold or remove a hold.
  • Enhanced PeopleSoft Purchasing to create purchase orders from Bill Only, and Bill and Replace requisition types. Custom fields are added to provide additional information for the purchase order. Purchase Order type and custom fields are also displayed on printed purchase orders.
  • Enhanced PeopleSoft eProcurement Fluid requisitions by adding two new requisition types for healthcare customers. The Bill Only requisition type is used for items that were used, and no replacement item is needed. The Bill and Replace requisition type is used for items that were used, need to be billed, and a replacement part is required. If neither requisition type is enabled, you can create and manage Standard requisitions only.

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