Receivables Operations Fluid Content and Fluid Metrics

Receivables Operations Fluid Content and Fluid Metrics

New with FSCM Image 24 are Receivables Operations Fluid content and Fluid metrics. This update helps billing and receivables managers, supervisors, and analysts who are responsible for managing the credit to cash operation to improve performance, achieve efficiency, and reduce costs. The Credit to Cash Operations Homepage contains relevant information to help improve performance.

Included in the Receivables Operations Homepage are the following:

  • Receivables WorkCenter: This is the new Fluid WorkCenter.
  • Billing WorkCenter: This is also the new Fluid WorkCenter.
  • Approvals Tile: All approvals
  • Billing Tile: This is the Billing Navigation Collection.
  • Receivables Tile: This is the Receivables Navigation Collection.
  • Operational Analysis: More details below.
  • Invoices by Specialist: A pivot grid that generates invoices by specialist.
  • Unapplied Payments: A pivot grid that generates a report for unapplied payments.

Let’s look more closely at the Operational Analysis Tile.

The tile presents additional metrics for the receivables users.

  • Interface Errors: A pivot grid with the current interface errors, source, interface ID, error status, counts and dollar amounts.

The other pivot grid reports include:

  • Pending invoices
  • Invoice cycle times
  • Dispute resolution cycle times
  • Past due items assignments
  • Doubtful items
  • On account payments
  • Customer aging
  • DSO trend

Many of these are common metrics that receivables managers and supervisors want to understand to ensure efficient operations. Utilizing the toolset, users can add configurable pivot grids for specific reporting and analysis.

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