Cost Balancing Fluid WorkCenter

Cost Balancing Fluid WorkCenter

The Cost Balancing Fluid WorkCenter was delivered without a lot of fanfare. However, it is very useful for those that deal with inventory cost accounting.

The Cost Balancing Fluid WorkCenter provides everything needed to address the cost accounting business processes. Users can deal with issues associated more on the inventory side such as putaway not completed, demand not depleted, and negative inventory. Also included is everything needed on the accounting side, such as transactions not costed, accounting lines not created, accounting line errors, accounting not posted to the GL, etc.

The Cost Balancing Fluid WorkCenter includes alerts associated with issues in the overall cost accounting process. It also contains links to execute associated work and reports etc.

Of course, the Cost Balancing Fluid WorkCenter has other standard features embedded with related actions. Additionally, it has the ability for personalization (as covered in our prior blog).

For any organization that deals with inventory cost accounting, this WorkCenter is a must use.

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