Red Paper – Classic PIA to Fluid Conversion

Red Paper – Classic PIA to Fluid Conversion

peoplesoft fluid user interface

In March, Oracle released a red paper on converting classic PeopleSoft Internet Architecture pages to Fluid User Interface pages. The red paper provides guidance on how to convert to FUI pages for developers and others.

Here’s a direct quote from the paper…”This paper describes the general approach an organization can use to make existing PeopleSoft classic components available to end users accessing the system in fluid mode. A “classic” PeopleSoft component is one that contains pages built using the techniques of page development for the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (PIA), which is the ‘pure internet architecture’ used for deploying PeopleSoft applications for well over a decade.”

If you are a developer or technical resource who is either starting to discover FUI or responsible for deploying and maintaining FUI, the red paper is a good source of information. The paper provides information on the following steps:

  • Step 1: Create the Fluid Component
  • Step 2: Create the Fluid Page
  • Step 3: Add Fluid Pages to the Fluid Component
  • Step 4: Update PeopleCode References
  • Step 5: Update, Remove, or Redesign Unsupported Control
  • Step 6: Enable Search Pages
  • Step 7: Adjust and Finalize Layout
  • Step 8: Implement Responsive and Adaptive Behaviors

If you would like more information about the red paper, please reach out to me at

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