HCM Modules

HCM Modules

We have published a number of blogs focusing on new features and functionality within HCM modules. However, organizations may not be aware of some HCM PeopleSoft modules that provide business value. We have consolidated the descriptions of these modules (from PeopleSoft datasheets) into one overview chart. If you are interested in whether HCM PeopleSoft Modules can provide value, the chart below provides additional information.

HCM PeopleSoft Modules Overview Chart

Module Description
Absence Management PeopleSoft Absence Management is designed to allow organizations to plan and manage absence events within a single, configurable rules-based application. It provides ultimate flexibility when defining entitlement and eligibility rules around leave accruals and taking leave, whether those rules are mandated by legislation, unions, industry standards or your organization’s unique policies. By having a single global instance for all absence related data, you can accurately analyze the impact of absences and identify absence trends in your organization.
Compensation PeopleSoft Compensation gives administrators the tools to administer Salary, Cash, and Non-Cash plans that strategically spend compensation dollars and drive performance. PeopleSoft Compensation can utilize a configurable matrix when calculating salary increases. This makes complex calculations based on your business rules easy and efficient, out of the box. Automated proration and eligibility rules further eliminate manual intervention. By performing these processes up front, you ensure your policies are enforced and remove this burden from managers.
eBenefits Homepage. Employees access their benefit programs to review their current benefits and make allowable changes. This page displays the benefits summary and available enrollment events for an employee. · Enrollment pages. Employees communicate their benefit choices to their organization during open enrollment or after a life event. This includes benefit elections, validations, confirmation statements, and other related content. (Requires Oracle’s PeopleSoft Benefits Administration.) · Health pages. Users view their health benefits on summary-level pages and then navigate to more detailed information by clicking the appropriate plan links. They can view information about health plan elections for themselves and their dependents. · Savings pages. Users review savings plan elections for themselves and their beneficiaries and make changes to contribution rates and investment and beneficiary allocations. They can navigate to more detailed information by clicking the appropriate plan links. · Insurance pages. Life, accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D), and disability insurance elections display on summary-level pages. Users can navigate to more detailed information by clicking the appropriate plan links. · Dependents/beneficiaries pages. Users can view benefit elections for dependents and beneficiaries, make changes to these elections, and update dependent and beneficiary personal data. Optional validations ensure accuracy.  · Flexible spending accounts (FSA) pages. FSA benefit elections and claims history display on summary-level pages and enable users to navigate to more detailed information about FSA plan elections, claim history details, and claim reimbursement activity. (Requires Oracle’s PeopleSoft Flexible Spending Accounts Administration.) · Benefits Summary. Employees can view their benefits plan summary online, including plan description and coverage. · Life event pages. Roadmaps guide users through required and optional steps to process life events—such as birth and marriage—according to the procedures of your organization.  · Estimate pension pages. Users can calculate and view their pension benefit estimates based on user-defined retirement dates. (Requires Oracle’s PeopleSoft Pension Administration.)
Enterprise Learning Management Learning management is a key component in an integrated, effective talent management solution. Learning management systems provide continuous learning opportunities that improve workforce competency through the delivery and tracking of learning events, such as web-based training, traditional classroom activities, and other formal and informal learning activities. These learning events allow a workforce to adapt and learn in a competitive and dynamic environment. Effective learning management facilitates communication between business leaders and employees, provides clear direction on organizational goals, encourages ongoing employee development and collaboration, engages employees in their careers, and drive organizational performance to higher levels while reducing operating costs.
ePay PeopleSoft ePay provides a straightforward and uncomplicated approach to paycheck processing. Composed of seven self-service web functions that interface with your PeopleSoft Payroll system, ePay lets employees review, add, update and delete their payroll information where it is appropriate
ePerformance PeopleSoft ePerformance is an integrated solution designed to enable Talent Management best practices that will foster employee engagement, provide strategic workforce insight and help you achieve critical organizational objectives – in a clear, yet flexible process. ePerformance increases your business success by facilitating an interactive performance process that enables you to identify, plan, observe, improve and reward performance. You begin by defining your organizational strategy and related business objectives and sharing those with your employees. Working collaboratively, managers and employees set clearly defined individual performance goals and targets that are in alignment with the organization’s mission. You can then observe and adjust plans and goals to respond to employee capability or other circumstances, such as changes in market conditions or organizational strategy, either spontaneously or at pre-defined checkpoints. Throughout the process, tools are available to coach employees toward success. If development is needed, ePerformance also enables learning. Finally, the overall assessment is determined and integrated with related initiatives such as compensation changes, learning activities or succession plan candidacy.
Recruiting To recruit effectively, managers and recruiters need collaborative applications that expand the traditional notion of self service – tools that provide the flexibility and information they need to make better and faster business decisions. Oracle’s PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions is comprised of two complimentary applications that work in conjunction to address enterprise recruiting challenges. Candidate Gateway lets you brand your business or division to attract best-fit candidates and gives internal as well as external applicants the tools they need to find the right job. Talent Acquisition Manager extends recruiting beyond the enterprise with comprehensive functionality, deep supplier integration, underlying global architecture, and tight integration with a world-class Human Resources system. From needs assessment through the hiring process, Talent Acquisition Manager is aimed at bringing together the complex business processes of recruiting into an integrated, seamless experience for hiring managers and recruiters.
Succession Planning PeopleSoft Succession Planning is a part of PeopleSoft’s integrated talent management solution, providing you the ability to improve talent retention while mitigating risk by identifying and tracking who is best suited to eventually replace employees currently holding key positions within your organization. PeopleSoft Succession Planning enables managers to develop and maintain succession plans for individual jobs, employees and positions as well as track and manage employees in pre-defined talent pools.
Directory Interface Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Directory Interface delivers complete out-of the-box integration between the leading directory servers and Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS. Directory Interface automatically triggers corresponding changes to any PeopleSoft Enterprise mapped data in the directory when business events occur in HRMS. The Directory Interface integrates with leading directory servers that use the lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP), a common network protocol used to access data within a directory. Directory Interface integrates out of the box with Oracle Internet Directory, Novell NDS eDirectory, (SunONE) Directory Server (iPlanet), and Microsoft Active Directory, the leading LDAP directory servers on the market.
Pension Administration Pension Administration streamlines pension functions including data storage, individual and group benefit calculations, service purchases, buy-backs and preparation of pension benefit statements. Robust functionality manages a diverse range of plans and options with configurable, plan-specific effective-dated business rules to expedite everything from eligibility to calculation of retiree and alternate payee forms of payment.
Payroll Interface Whether you’re using an in-house payroll system or an external payroll service bureau, Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Payroll Interface gives you a full-featured payroll interface solution. Payroll Interface is an internet application that gives you access to PeopleSoft online pages, so you can easily transfer employee data and updates from Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Resources Management to your payroll system.
Global Payroll Oracle’s PeopleSoft Global Payroll is a state-of-the-art, internet-based payroll solution that is built on a truly global architecture. The benefits of this architecture include streamlined application maintenance (because there is one core product and a single rules-based engine) and easy deployment and management across borders (because the information is in one place).
NA Payroll Payroll processing, administration and management shouldn’t be tedious, laborious or stressful for your information systems managers or your payroll staff. Oracle’s PeopleSoft Payroll for North America combines an innovative approach to payroll processing with a full-featured system designed to ensure that you’re always in control, on time and processing payrolls with maximum efficiency. Whatever the size and diversity of your workforce, PeopleSoft Payroll for North America provides all the tools you need to run an efficient payroll operation.
Human Resources Your workforce is one of your key assets and a crucial contributor to your organization’s success. With Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Capital Management you can manage your entire workforce holistically, address your organization’s talent management needs and maximize employee productivity and efficiency. PeopleSoft Human Capital Management is the leading and proven HCM solution. PeopleSoft Core Human Resources sits at the center of PeopleSoft Human Capital Management, enabling you to securely access your employee information and manage essential HR functions effectively.
Time and Labor Oracle’s PeopleSoft Time and Labor application is a flexible, integrated solution that gives organizations the intelligence and power in a single repository to determine key performance indicators that are impacted by timerelated data. It is designed to support the time-related needs of a wide range of business functions—including payroll, financial and cost accounting, project management, employee benefits, and organizational administration across industries. Its powerful rules engine enables you to manage rules for reporting, managing, or processing time globally.
HR HelpDesk PeopleSoft HR HelpDesk delivers complete case management capabilities, enabling HR organizations to capture and categorize employee inquiries, analyze case trends, and guide staff through case management best practices. With PeopleSoft HR HelpDesk, you will deliver to your workforce a centralized knowledgebase integrated with case management to enable information sharing across HR for consistent and quick resolution of employee inquiries.
Benefits Administration PeopleSoft Benefits Administration empowers you to establish and manage multiple benefits programs, including plans for leave, health and life insurance, savings, and dependent care reimbursement, in one powerful web-based product. Define your providers, rates, and beneficiaries, and calculate coverage and premiums for employees who have multiple jobs. Automatically enroll participants and dependents in a variety of benefit options. Use passive event processing to trigger events automatically. Automatically identify and track eligible employees and calculate and process retroactive benefits and deductions. Manage and administer flexible spending accounts for health care and dependent care. Track Medicare entitlements and enrollments. Generate reports for frequently requested information and create your own customized, ad hoc reports for agency-specific requirements. Analyze trends in your workforce and study the enterprisewide impact of your programs and policies, including various benefit-expense ratios.

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