Fluid Accounts Payable WorkCenter

Fluid Accounts Payable WorkCenter

Have you seen the new Fluid WorkCenters? If not you should spend some time investigating them. Fluid WorkCenters take the very powerful classic WorkCenters and turn some of the content into Fluid for a better mobile experience allowing users to execute many of their daily job tasks anywhere, any time. One of the new Fluid WorkCenters is the Accounts Payable WorkCenter. It can be easily added to any Homepage.

Clicking on the Accounts Payable WorkCenter Tile you will see all of the Fluid enabled actions under My Work and My Links. Various activities are available, such as incomplete vouchers, available pre-payments, vouchers submitted for approval etc. Many of the key activities necessary for accounts payable resource are available.

You will see there are voucher work, voucher exceptions, payments, and suppliers on the work side and links for voucher and payment work.

Clicking on My Work on the left of the Accounts Payable WorkCenter will bring up the detail that the user can take action on; for example, users can select the specific vouchers to post directly from their mobile device.

Users have the ability to filter content in Fluid.

There is a lot of useful work that can be performed in the Fluid WorkCenter and it adds yet another Fluid toolset to the mobile user with a much nicer user interface.

Keep in mind as you drill further into the data not everything that originates from the Fluid WorkCenter is Fluid enabled. Some detailed content will still be classic PeopleSoft. As discussed before, most of the classic content will either be a new pop up window or the Fluid content will be on the left and the classic content on the right allowing the user to navigate back into the main Fluid content.

If you would like additional information regarding the Accounts Payable WorkCenter, please contact me at larry.zagata@miproconsulting.com.