Page and Field Configurator Update

Page and Field Configurator Update

Oracle enhanced the Page and Field Configurator in PUM Image 41 to support the use of system variables. With this update, system variables such as the current date and ID of the logged-in user can be selected as default field values. Users can also use the system variables such as entry mode (add, update the display, update display all, correction), user currency, user language, menu, and portal name as criteria.

Within the Page and Field Configurator, if you would like to use system variables as a criteria, you can select Define Criteria.

Then you will see Select System Variable.

Click on the magnifying glass and the available system variables are present for selection.

You can also opt to Select System Variables as criteria for page/field level selection.

You will again see the appropriate list of system variables.

If you would like more information on Page and Field Configurator, you can follow these links for an additional blog and instructional video.

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