Profile Search

Profile Search

New with HCM PUM Image 36 is the Profile Administration Dashboard for Workforce Administration with Fluid Profile Search and Compare functionality. Let’s explore some of the features.

Workforce Administrator

Click on the tile.

Profile Administration

If we look at the capabilities of Search and Compare Profiles, we see that we have the following abilities:

  • Adhoc search
  • Find jobs
  • Find jobs for a person
  • Find people having specific qualifications
  • Find people that fit a job

We can execute those searches across the organization or specifically for a team.

Profile Search

Let’s look at finding people with certain qualifications.

Find people having certain qualifiications

We can search on a broad list of qualification types.

Add/Remove Criteria

Add the competency by selecting it.

Profile Search - Add/Remove Criteria

If there is a match, they will be presented in the results.

Profile Search - Criteria

Next, let’s look at finding jobs for a team member.

Find jobs for a team member

Click on the team member.

Select Team Member

The results will show jobs that match on a competency.

Search Criteria Groups

Those are some of the features that enable capabilities of the Profile Search.  You can find information on profile search in PeopleBooks here.

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