Leveraging PeopleSoft Business Process Maps

Leveraging PeopleSoft Business Process Maps

Often overlooked as a knowledge source are the delivered PeopleSoft business process maps (BPM). Previously these business process maps were only viewable online and were not editable.Why not try here the online PeopleBooks site? which is now has both PeopleBooks and BPM’s located in the same spot, making it much easier to navigate between the two. Recently these maps have been made available as editable Visio documents.

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Business process maps are an excellent way to begin documenting your business process flows. If you do not have documented business process flows, utilizing these delivered maps will give your organization a great start as they leverage the delivered PeopleSoft functionality. For key activities in the business process flow, the end user can click on links within the BPM and that link will take them to the PeopleBook topic providing additional knowledge and training on that topic. If you need help with business profiling, then contact Shane Murphy.

This short 3:46 video will demonstrate how to navigate to the online documentation site and show you a short BPM and link back to PeopleBooks. If you are thinking about starting or improving your business process documentation, take some time and investigate this delivered content from Oracle.

If you have questions on BPM’s or PeopleBooks within PeopleSoft, we are happy to help. Drop a note at larry.zagata@miproconsulting.com.

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