Mobile Inventory Fluid Pages

Mobile Inventory Fluid Pages

The basic Mobile Inventory Fluid pages are not new to PeopleSoft – but WOW can you believe all of the new pages available in Fluid!

Below is a list of the delivered Mobile Inventory Fluid pages. The links will take you directly to the PeopleBooks page describing the content. On other news, checkout the link and avail special book discount coupons.

Fluid PageImage Delivered
Display Options – Mobile Inventory — Fluid PageImage 14
Item Stock Inquiry – Fluid PageImage 18
Receiving PO – Fluid Receipt Main PageImage 18
Perform Putaway – Fluid PageImage 18
Delivery — Fluid Perform Delivery PageImage 18
Delivery Cart — Fluid Maintain PageImage 18
Receiving Ad Hoc — Fluid PageImage 14
Par Count — Fluid PageImage 14
Performing Par Location Ad Hoc Counts Using the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface on Mobile DevicesImage 14
Guided Count — Fluid PageImage 14
Count by Location — Fluid PageImage 14
Count by Item — Fluid PageImage 14
Manual Count — Fluid PageImage 18
Express Issue — Fluid PageImage 14
Adjustments – Fluid PageImage 18
Fulfillment Inquiry — Fluid Fulfillment Status Summary PageImage 18
Bin to Bin Transfer — Fluid PageImage 18
Picking Feedback — Fluid Single or Multi Item PageImage 18

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There is a lot of good information on the Fluid User Interface key concepts page accessible at This page has links and content for everything Fluid. One of the most useful links is the listing of everything that is available in HCM and FSCM in Fluid.   The exact page can be found here.

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