PeopleSoft Supplier Self Service Series – Part I

PeopleSoft Supplier Self Service Series – Part I

In this blog series, we will explore what is available in PeopleSoft 9.2 for Supplier Self Service. Dealing with suppliers, onboarding suppliers, supplier changes and simply addressing supplier questions can take up a tremendous amount of time and resources in Supply Chain (and in Accounts Payable). There are many available PeopleSoft activities which provide Supplier Self Service opportunities. These activities can reduce the overall time spent addressing supplier administration and free-up time for your Supply Chain experts to work on more strategic and value-add activities.

First, let’s explore the Supplier Portal overview.


On the public page, users can:

  • Sign in
  • See welcome messages
  • Register as a user
  • View bidding opportunities and the events calendar
  • Receive notices of intent to award events to the supplier
  • View upcoming announcements, FAQ’s and quotes


The secured page requires extra layers of security and offers much more administration and management of activities as opposed to notifications. Depending on which modules (such as eSettlements and eSupplier connection) are owned by the customer and allowed access to the supplier, appropriate users can:

  • Manage advanced shipping notifications, receipts, bidding opportunities
  • Acknowledge PO’s
  • Manage profiles, service requests, quotes/PO’s, invoices/payments, contracts, etc.

In the rest of this blog series, we’ll go into detail regarding each Fluid tile to gain a deeper understanding of which Self Service activities PeopleSoft FSCM customers can extend to their suppliers.

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