Supplier Scorecard

Supplier Scorecard

The enhanced Supplier Scorecard feature was delivered in FSCM PUM Image 29. It is now possible to define and incorporate Key Performance Indicator (KPI) questions and Weighted Scores into templates and evaluations for a supplier. This enhancement allows you to view and analyze objective and subjective questions with a completed Supplier Evaluation Scorecard.

You can get to the Supplier Scorecard from the Procurement Operations Home Page.

Here you can create evaluation templates, questions, and create/manage supplier evaluations.

Now, suppliers can rate on both subjective and objective content. There is a significant amount of information to setup and maintain supplier evaluations; however, a detailed explanation can be found in this link to PeopleBooks.

Additionally, if you would like more information, please contact me at To read more about MIPRO Consulting, click here.

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