Benefits Assistant Chatbot

Benefits Assistant Chatbot

New in HCM PUM Image 36 is the addition of Benefits ChatBots. With the Benefits Assistant tile, users can access the Benefits Assistant Chatbot for quick answers to queries related to benefits.

Benefits Assistant Chatbot - Benefit Details

For the Benefits Chatbot from PeopleBooks, the Benefits Assistant skill consists of the following intents:

  • EntryGreeting
  • GetAdminContactInfo
  • GetDependentBeneficiary
  • GetLifeEventInfo
  • GetMainMenu
  • GetOpenEnrollmentInfo
  • GetPlanCost
  • GetPlanDetail
  • GetPlanProvider
  • UpdateBenefitSummary
  • ExitAssistant
  • UnresolvedIntent

The following chart outlines some Examples of Use Cases.

Benefits Assistant Chatbot - Chart

Additionally, chatbots can be appropriately configured for your specific organization’s needs. You can find information on the Benefits Assistant Chatbots in PeopleBooks here.

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