New PUM Features: October 2019

New PUM Features: October 2019

PeopleSoft New Features Update

Did you know there were 50 new features and functionality delivered in HCM Images 31 and 32? To view a complete list of the key features delivered, the module, the image delivered and the minimum PeopleTools version click on the links listed below:



The enhancements were across modules as broken down by the chart below with Core HR and Time and Labor having the most enhancements overall. 

Absence Management Count 3
Candidate Gateway Count 1
eBenefits Count 2
eCompensation Manager Desktop Count 1
ePerformance Count 3
eProfile Manager Desktop Count 2
General HCM Enhancements Count 5
Global Payroll Count 2
Global Payroll for Brazil Count 2
Global Payroll for Mexico Count 1
Global Payroll for the United Kingdom Count 1
Human Resources Count 16
Payroll for North America Count 4
Time and Labor Count 7
Grand Count 50

Twelve of the enhancements involved Fluid usage. Key Fluid enhancements include:

  • Delivered the Fluid version of extended absence framework which supports extended leave requests, such as FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) and Canadian Leave requests, as well as other extended absences such as Statutory Sick Pay and Statutory Maternity Pay, and so on. The framework for extended absences contains elements that enable you to attach supporting documents and notes to extended absence requests. Enhanced the Benefits Enrollment functionality using the new Fluid technology and the Activity Guide Composer framework.
  • Enhanced Fluid Benefits Enrollment to allow both Life Event and Fluid Open Enrollment instances to be deleted from the renamed Manage Benefits Instances page.
  • Enhanced Fluid Benefits Summary in Employee Self-Service.
  • Enhanced the Fluid Attachment framework to support multiple attachment types and categories.
  • Enhanced the Fluid Mobile Paycheck feature to support the PeopleTools Drop Zone functionality.

Additional released key functionality includes:

  • Delivered the Absence Chat Assistant. You can do tasks or ask queries related to Absence.
  • Delivered Acknowledgment Framework functionality in Recruiting Solutions to provide the ability to define acknowledgement, consent, or agreement in the Registration and Job Application process.
  • Enhanced the Page and Field Configurator to include changes on secondary pages, apply configurations to multiple roles, exclude roles from configuration changes and to status configuration sequences as inactive. In preparation for the delivery of configurations to customers, this enhancement reserves sequences 81-99 for Oracle.
  • Delivered the PeopleSoft Chatbot related configurations and Integration Framework. More information on PeopleSoft Chatbot integration is available HERE.
  • Enhanced the Global Payroll GL ChartField feature to expand the GL ChartFields from 8 to 21. All Global Payroll GL related pages and the Send Cost to GL process have been updated to accommodate and support 21 ChartFields. This enhancement also enables the entry and validation of ChartField values by combination code.

There were also 70 new features and functionality delivered in FSCM Image 32 and 33, impacting the Financial and Supply Chain Modules.

The enhancements across modules are broken down by the chart below with Purchasing, Asset Management receiving 10 and 6 enhancements respectively.

Enterprise Components Count 1
General FSCM Enhancements Count 4
Global Components Count 2
Purchasing Count 10
Supplier Contract Management Count 4
eProcurement Count 1
Asset Management Count 6
Billing Count 5
Cash Management Count 1
Deal Management Count 1
Enterprise Components Count 1
Expenses Count 4
General Ledger Count 3
Global Components Count 3
Lease Administration Count 2
Payables Count 6
Project Costing Count 2
Receivables Count 5
Resource Management Count 1
eBill Payment Count 7
eSettlements Count 1
Grand Count 70

Twenty-one of the new features included Fluid enhancements. Key Fluid enhancements include:

  • Enhanced FSCM applications to configure Drop Zones and enable new Grids features for Fluid pages. Drop Zones allow you to configure Fluid pages to display subpages with your desired text, links, and fields, without the need to customize PeopleSoft delivered pages. Selective Fluid grids provide the ability to download grid data to Microsoft Excel, search for data in a grid column, save sort order of columns, or a combination of these features. Enhanced the Fluid Approval user interface so that expense approvers can view attendees, per diem deductions, and drill back to source transactions
  • Enhanced the Billing Fluid Workcenter and the Billing Invoice Mass Maintenance page, to support the PeopleTools Drop Zone functionality, and to support PeopleTools Fluid grid enhancements.
  • Enhanced the Fluid pages in the Receivables product to support the PeopleTools Drop Zone functionality.
  • Enhanced the Fluid Simply Journal feature. Users can copy simple journals and simple journal templates, use document sequencing, and VAT.
  • Enhanced the Fluid Treasury WorkCenter, My Work Area to automate the integration of accounting entries to PeopleSoft General Ledger for one or more transactions.

Additional released key functionality includes:

  • Enhanced the Page and Field Configurator to allow changes on secondary pages, apply configurations to multiple roles, exclude roles from configuration changes and to status configuration sequences as inactive. In preparation for the delivery of configurations to customers, this enhancement reserves sequences 81-99 for Oracle.
  • Enhanced the Supplier Profile Question feature to include a new supplier report used to search for suppliers with missing responses to required profile questions and send profile update invitations to those suppliers. If a supplier has not responded to all required profile questions, that supplier can still save the answers that they have responded. In addition, an option is available to provide a warning message if all required responses are not complete.
  • Enhanced the Supplier Registration feature by adding an Editor role. This provides the ability to review, update, and add Supplier and Bidder registration information prior to the approval process
  • Enhanced the Preventive Maintenance Schedule, Mass Update feature to include the following fields for search and update: Employee ID, Crew ID, Maintenance Type, and Schedule Description. In addition, this enhancement provides a more flexible search and update for more than 300 rows at a time.
  • Enhanced the condition-based maintenance feature to receive alerts from Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Asset Monitoring Cloud Service. The integration accelerates existing asset tracking and maintenance business process, by providing real-time visibility to an asset’s location, condition, and utilization. To enable the integration, the Basic Add and Define Asset Operational Information has been enhanced to identify assets tracked in IoT Asset Monitoring.
  • Added the GPS mileage calculator, which is a map-based solution that automatically calculates distance by capturing points on a map. When a distance is calculated, expense users can associate the trip to a mileage reimbursement rate for mileage reimbursements.
  • Added a Copy Voucher feature in the Payables Voucher Search page. This allows users to copy existing voucher information when creating a new voucher. Additional enhancements include Use Tax on the Voucher’s Sales and Use Tax Summary, a 1000 separator on the voucher payment, a Ship To field on the Voucher Maintenance page, and an Approver Status option on the Voucher Mass Maintenance page.

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